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L'Image de l'anthropologue français à travers les siècles (1771-2006)
Rhythm in the speech and music of jazz and riddim musicians
Écrire la mère dans le "Cycle indochinois" de Marguerite Duras
Écrire l'Occupation: Représentations de l'ennemi dans trois œuvres d'Irène Némirovsky
The Female Condition During Mussolini's and Salazar's Regimes
Cocteau and the Gods
The Wounded Ego of Howard Phillips Lovecraft
An American Forerunner of the Absurd: Herman Melville
Saint-John Perse, Poet of the Universal
The Emsav in a Novel of Yeun ar Gow
Form and Meaning of the Spiritual Struggle in the Poetry of Maodez Glandour
Three Fictional Detectives: The Chevalier Dupin, Father Brown, The Commissaire Maigret
Youenn Drezen's Night Wake at the Island's End: A Reading
In Memory of André Pieyre de Mandiargues
The Book of Fate
Doomsday Prayer
Lament for Brittany and Days of Darkness
Pride of Kings
Chroniques Bretonnes