Jane W. Cary

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[sideways on top of page]

Would you

mind telling

me Hon’s


+ please

tell Dickie

his letter

came all

right +

would he



to me,



when he doesn’t

have to.

[right-side up]

8 Belair Avenue

Wellesley, Mass.,

Oct. 2, 1910.

Dearest Mamma,—

I never

thought before, that it

would really be fun

to write letters, but here

I look forward to Sun-

day and writing letters.

One week of school is

over, and such a week

as it has been! By

next Wednesday we

have to hand in a

german theme of five

hundred words, imag-

ine! I don’t know

whether I’ll survive or

not, I though maybe

[page break]

German wouldn’t be so hard as

some of the other studies, but

next to me in class there is a

girl whose father and mother

can’t speak English, and she

gets up and spiels off German

as fast as she can talk; never-

mind I’ll do the best I can.

The other night the Sopho-

mores gave the Freshmen a

serenade; each girl had a

lighted Japanese lantern on

a little stick and carried it

over her shoulder, and they

all marched along the street

in rows, they looked awfully

pretty; and they stopped in

front of each Freshman

house and sang songs.

I had a note from Julia

Ker [?], the other day, she is the

one, who wrote me the note of

welcome before I came; she

wanted me to stop in her

room, so I did and found

that she is just as nice as

she can be. It seemed good

to have some one take sort

of a personal interest in

me; up here where there are

so many girls.

This morning Eleanor and

[page break]

I went to the Cong. Church

in the village, instead of

to chapel, where all most

all of the girls go. I thought

it would seem more

like home; it did rather,

but the service seemed

rather mixed to me, the

collection came after the

first hymn, and every-

thing seemed back side

foremost. I wished I

could just drop in and

go with you, really I

just have to think about

different things or I feel

all funny inside, but

one of the principal women

in College told us yesterday

that there was nothing to

be ashamed of in that.