Jane W. Cary

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[in pencil] April, 9, 1914

Helen dearie,

Yesterday I met

Marguerite going up to class

as I was coming back and

she said, hopping up and down,

“Oh, what do you suppose has

happened—the very nicest

thing that could! Go in and

look on my bureau.” So I

looked and found what you

sent her; I tried to be very


You can’t imagine how

hard it is not to talk fire

in mother’s letters; why

that is all we talk; and think about

up here, everything is so

different. Instead of staying

[page break]

in one building for classes we

trot from art building to

library and from the library

back to art building. The

temporary building is to be

done next week; it is—to

tell the truth—an awful

blot on the landscape, it

takes up the whole lawn

on the library-side of the

chapel. I supposed we’ll just

have to think that it is only

for a while and that some

day there will be some

brand new ones.

Miss Pendelton said

in chapel this morning that

750,000 dollars were to be

given us from the Rockefeller

fund if we could complete

it to make 2,000,000 before

January 1915. “Fire Fund”

is the watch word now. The

[page break]

Juniors gave a play they

had given at the Barn at

Cort [?] Theater in Boston during

vacation and they made

nearly 4,000 dollars. The

theater was given to them free

and other things, so their ex-

penses were small. We are

all enthusiastic about getting

up a play and giving it

around in the different

towns in Connecticut next

summer. [Florine?] Tucker,

Tommy, Thelma and some

of the other Connecticutites

and I thought about it;

we decided to practice it

up here and then give it

soon after Commencement

[page break]

as possible. What do you think

of it? I think we could

make quiet a lot as well

as having a heap of fun.

We will try and get as many

things free as we can; people

ought to be willing to help us,

for it is a good cause and

we must raise our 2,000,000

before next year.

The fudge you made me was

so good, it was nearly gone

by Tuesday night; and now

the cake that Betty made me

is gone, so I am in the same

state I usually am in except

for some marmelade [sic] you sent

before vacation, I am going to

get some crackers to go with


With lots of love

from Jane.

Please remember me to Mrs. Conroy