Jane W. Cary

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15 Fiske

16 March.

Mommy darling,

I am writing this

after coming back from a recital

at College Hall. I wasn’t going

but one of the girls had a ticket

and didn’t want it so she gave

it to me. It was given by a

little Bulgarian girl, Nidelka

Simeonova [?], ten years old. She

played the violin and is going to

give the proceeds to the children

in Bulgaria made orphans in

the war with Turkey. She had

never had any teacher but her

father, but such music! I

never heard any like it; I

closed my eyes and it sounded

as I used to imagine angels’

[page break]

music in heaven sounded. It

was wonderful anyway—to say

nothing of a child doing it. How

I wished some of my family

could hear it; I thought how

much father would like it; I

never thought I cared about

music until lately, but I have

decided I do care for real music.

At half past four this afternoon

was our Connecticut Party. We did

about the same as we did last

year; there was a map of Conn. On

the wall with the names on it of the

towns represented, and then Miss

Wheeler—the head of it, read the roll

call. The roll call is in a slip sheet

note book so new ones can be added;

under W. comes Windsor then my

name and if any one ever comes here

from Windsor her name will be added.

I think it is such a nice idea; for we

want to know most the girls whom

there is a possibility of seeing later,

not those way out in Cal.

Your own Janey.