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How Is the Afterschool Field Defining Program Quality? A Review of Effective Program Practices and Definitions of Program Quality
By Kristi L. Palmer, Stephen A. Anderson, and Ronald M. Sabatelli
A review of studies on what constitutes high-quality afterschool programming concludes that the field is reaching consensus on its definitions of quality— which means that funders, policymakers, and providers increasingly have a sound basis on which to make informed decisions. 12 pages.

Does Your Organization Welcome Participants with Disabilities? A New Assessment Tool
By Fred Galloway and Mary McAllister Shea
Afterschool programs that strive to be inclusive should remember to welcome participants with disabilities. A new instrument can help afterschool programs determine how well they are doing at including kids with disabilities and assess whether those providing the services—leaders and staff—overestimate their organization’s inclusiveness as compared to those who use the services. 7 pages.

The Differential Role of Youth Development Program Participation for Latina/o Adolescents
By Ingrid Nelson
The notorious achievement gap for Latina/o youth can’t be explained only by ethnic and socioeconomic factors—and can’t be overcome by schools alone. Out-of-school time programs can also make a difference. The question is, how much of a difference can they make, and for which young Latina/os? 14 pages.

Defining Our Terms: Professional Development in Out-of-School Time
By Nancy Peter
Professional development, training, workshop, technical assistance—from program to program or region to region, these can mean the same, or quite different, things. Let’s start a conversation toward consensus in the OST field on common definitions of our professional development terms. 8 pages.

Rowing and Growing
We talked with Kennise Farrington, a September 2009 senior at John Bowne High School in Queens, out-of-school time rowing in Meadow Lake, Queens. 2 pages.

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Fall 2009






Social and Behavioral Sciences

Afterschool Matters Fall 2009