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Transformative Work in Programs for Children and Youth
By Lena O. Townsend
After school programs are uniquely suited to encouraging the kinds of sustaining work” that help children develop their special abilities and a sense of identity. 10 pages.

Art + Technology
Integration: Developing an After School Curriculum
By J. David Betts
In Tucson, Arizona, an innovative multimedia arts program for middle-school students comes to fruition. 10 pages.

You Don’t Need a Weatherman...
By Susan Ingalls
Independent, Community-Based Organizations are threatened by the recent movement, supported by government money, to place after school programs in the same schools children attend all day. 9 pages.

Now More Than Ever: Changing Lives in an After School Theater Program
By Carol Macy
Teaching drama affords the opportunity to enrich the imagination, touching the heart and soul as well as the mind. 12 pages.

“We Think You Need a Vacation”: The Discipline Model at Fresh Youth Initiatives
By The FYI Writing Team
The leaders of a New York City community service program reveal how their organization’s culture helps participants learn self-discipline and gain confidence. 8 pages.

Suburban Myths
By Elizabeth C. Knight
Drugs and alcohol, free time and empty houses are readily available in affluent communities. But positive role models and meaningful activities are often in short supply. 4 pages.

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Spring 2003






Social and Behavioral Sciences

Afterschool Matters Spring 2003