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Moving Forward and Growing Together: Interview with Sylvia Lyles
Afterschool Matters talked with Sylvia Lyles, Ph.D., program director of the Academic Improvement Programs Group in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, DC., about providing high-quality learning experiences for children and youth. 3 pages.

Right Time, Right Place: Building an Online Learning Community for Afterschool Practitioners
by the You for Youth project team
Responding to the expressed needs of the field, the U.S. Department of Education is building You for Youth (Y4Y), an online learning community whose modules will enhance the professional development of afterschool practitioners and program managers. 7 pages.

Body and Soul: Reflections on Two Professional Development Credential Pilots in Massachusetts
by Georgia Hall and Ellen Gannett
The example of two pilot credentials in Massachusetts underscores the importance of credentials for afterschool practitioners and can guide efforts toward establishing a national credential. 9 pages.

Shared Research Dialogue: One College’s Model for Professional Development of Youth Practitioners
by Dana Fusco and Ivana Espinet
The "shared research dialogue" that emerged from the collaborative atmosphere of inquiry in a college OST certificate course suggests that developing the capacity for reflective practice is an important component of OST professional development. 6 pages.

Using E-learning to Train Youth Workers: The BELL Experience
by Matthea Marquart, Zora Jones Rizzi, and Amita Desai Parikh
BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) cut training costs by two-thirds and improved outcomes for students in its summer program by developing e-learning modules for program staff and managers. 9 pages.

Enhancing Program Quality and Care through Supervision
by Heather Olsen and Christopher L. Kowalski
Afterschool staff need to be able to supervise young participants so they can engage safely in a variety of activities. Afterschool programs should create a strong procedural plan to protect young people from harm and the program from liability. 7 pages.

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Afterschool Matters Spring 2010