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English Learners and Out-of-School Time Programs: The Potential of OST Programs to Foster EL Success
By Julie Maxwell-Jolly
OST programs can benefit the growing population of English learners in U.S. public schools by giving them the gift of time in which to learn both English and subject matter content. 12 pages.

Learning English and Beyond: A Holistic Approach to Supporting English Learners in Afterschool
By Jhumpa Bhattacharya and Jimena Quiroga
English learners are a diverse group with diverse experiences and needs. While schools focus on teaching them English, afterschool programs can build on their strengths to address their social and emotional needs. 7 pages.

Éxito: Keeping High-risk Youth on Track to Graduation through Out-of-School Time Supports
By Tracey Hartmann, Deborah Good, and Kimberly Edmunds
An intensive intervention including project-based learning and case management services keeps at-risk ninth-and tenth-graders engaged and helps them overcome barriers to school success. 10 pages.

You Are Here: Promoting Youth Spaces through Community Mapping
By Kathrin C. Walker and Rebecca N. Saito
Youth Action Crews map the youth development programs and places in their neighborhoods in order to raise public awareness of the opportunities-and of where such opportunities don’t exist. 10 pages.

A Place for the Arts: Lessons Learned from an Afterschool Art Experience with Reclaimed Materials
By Angela Eckhoff, Amy Hallenbeck, and Mindy Spearman
A three-day art project in an afterschool program with no specific arts component illustrates the potential-and the challenges-of engaging children in creating art using recycled materials. 8 pages.

Power Sharing: Building Community School Relationships from Friendship to Marriage
By Carol R. Hill
What happens when the relationships among a Beacon center, its school, and an intermediary organization move from mere friendship into dating and eventually even marriage? 4 pages.

Researcher’s Notebook: Converging issues in an Out-of-school Time Program for African Refugee Children
By Michelle Porche
Field notes from a study of a family support program for African immigrants reveal some of the challenges faced by these parents and their adolescent children. 3 pages.

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Fall 2011






Social and Behavioral Sciences

Afterschool Matters Fall 2011