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Systemwide Implementation of Project-Based Learning: The Philadelphia Approach
By Jason Schwalm and Karen Smuck Tylek
Citywide implementation of project-based learning highlights the benefits—and the challenges—of promoting exemplary practices across an entire OST network. 8 pages.

Healthy Eating in Out-of- School Time: The Promise and the Challenge
By Jean L. Wiecha, Georgia Hall, Ellen Gannett, and Barbara Roth
OST programs can be part of the solution to the growing epidemic of child obesity. A first step is to understand current practices and learn about supports for—and barriers to—providing nutritious foods in afterschool programs. 7 pages.

Dealing with Behavior Problems: The Use of Positive Behavior Support Strategies in Summer Programs
By Brian C. McKevitt, Jessica N. Dempsey, Jackie Ternus, and Mark D. Shriver
Positive behavior support, with its emphasis on teaching desired actions rather than punishing undesirable actions, can be a powerful tool for managing young people’s behavior. 10 pages.

Engaging Library Partners in 4-H Programming
By Nia Imani Fields and Elizabeth Rafferty
Kids are already in the public library after school. The library is thus a natural venue for 4-H youth development programming. 6 pages.

Empowering Youth Work Supervisors with Action Research Strategies
By Margo Herman
Five suggested strategies for conducting action research can help youth work supervisors to find new directions for themselves and their programs. 6 pages.

A New Approach to Accountability: Creating Effective Learning Environments for Programs
By Wendy Surr
A new paradigm for accountability envisions afterschool programs as learning organizations continually engaged in improving quality. 10 pages.

Collaboration between Afterschool Practitioners and In-school Teachers
By AnnMarie Schamper
A school-day teacher discovers how collaboration with her afterschool counterpart benefits their students. 4 pages.

University- Community Partnership
By Kristen E. Fay
A book review. 2 pages.

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Spring 2012






Social and Behavioral Sciences

Afterschool Matters Spring 2012