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Letter home describing housekeeping work and cooking on Treasure Island, singing and playing games with mothers and children, and travel plans after leaving the island.


M| o| n| t| o| u| r| F| a| l| l| s| (| N| .| Y| .| )| || S| t| o| n| y| C| r| e| e| k| (| C| o| n| n| .| )| || T| h| i| m| b| l| e| I| s| l| a| n| d| s| (| C| o| n| n| .| )


A| r| t| s| ,| T| h| e| a| t| e| r| ,| a| n| d| M| u| s| i| c| || P| e| r| s| o| n| a| l| R| e| l| a| t| i| o| n| s| h| i| p| s


V| a| c| a| t| i| o| n| h| o| m| e| s| || H| o| u| s| e| k| e| e| p| i| n| g| || C| o| o| k| i| n| g| || C| h| i| l| d| r| e| n| || G| a| m| e| s| || T| r| a| v| e| l

Letter from Eleanor Blair, Stony Creek, Connecticut, to Mr. D.C. Blair, Montour Falls, New York, 1916 June 22



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